Following the use of your red top fly traps we have enjoyed fly free summers and indeed had totally forgotten about the problem until three weeks ago when flies started appearing again. It was then that I remembered I had one trap left and the result has been staggering. Dead and dying flies built up so rapidly that the trap seemed almost full then, practically overnight, a one inch seam of maggots appeared and began digesting the bodies.

Disgusting, but truly amazing and so efficient. I don't know what the bait consists of, but this morning flies were fighting to get in.


Can you tell me the nearest stockist of RedTop fly traps please? It's a fantastic product for keeping down flies around my chicken run!

Dawn – UK

Just a quick message saying how amazed I am by your product. I purchased one about three weeks ago and I cannot believe the results.

Fantastic product.

Onofrio – UK

Yes the traps work, best on the market

PD - Al Ain Dairy

Have used your fly trap with fab results!

LM – Pembrokeshire

Son gave me one of these, bloody hell works really well

AT, Surrey

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